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10 Most Invasive Parasites in the World

Disgusting parasites in humans! These invasive parasites are known for eating us alive & can cause horrifying infections & diseases inside you.

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10: Blood Flukes
Scientifically known as schistosoma, blood flukes are one of the most common parasites in the world, affecting hundreds of millions of people worldwide. They’re a type of flatworm parasite that uses snails as an intermediate host by latching onto them then attaching themselves onto human skin & hatching eggs inside the human’s bladder or intestine. Once inside your body, blood flukes can live a very long time. The initial symptoms of itching & rashes begin appearing in just a few days. After a couple months, diarrhea, coughing, headaches, & fever will likely occur. Several years of leaving it untreated will then lead to the eggs spreading & infecting organs such as the lungs, liver, & bladder. They may even affect the spinal cord and brain, thus causing paralysis & seizures. This parasite is found primarily in Africa, the Middle East, South America, & parts of South Asia. Children are at especially high risk as they can develop learning disabilities & suffer from malnutrition. As such, the World Health Organization considers blood flukes to be among the most socio-economically damaging parasites in the world.

9: The Horsehair Worm
Also known as “gordian worms” or “nematomorpha,” the horsehair worm is a parasitic worm found in watery areas such as pools, creeks, & puddles. Scientists believe this parasite is comprised of anywhere between 350 to 2,000 different subspecies. While horsehair worms do not pose any direct threat to humans, they do pose an interestingly unique & specific danger towards crickets. They hatch as larvae at the bottom of a creek, stream, or puddle, then wait to be eaten by a cricket. Once consumed, the horsehair worm will navigate its way into the cricket’s body cavity, where it absorbs nutrients from the cricket. As soon as this parasite breaks free, it coaxes the cricket into drowning itself so the horsehair worm can fully emerge. After leaving the dead cricket, it then finds a mate, who helps it reproduce by laying eggs. The male worm dies & the deadly cycle continues.

8: Roundworms
Roundworms are parasites responsible for causing a disease in humans known as filariasis. Carried by flies & mosquitos, they infect one’s bloodstream with the potential to reach the lymphatic system, causing the body parts (such as your limbs & genitals) to swell up well beyond their normal size. The skin will also become thick & painful as a result of infection. Roundworm-induced filariasis affects close to 1 billion people in 80 countries throughout the world. Fortunately, this condition is treatable through the use of oral drugs such as Diethylcarbamazine, which kills off the infection & prevents further transmission to other people.

7: The Tsetse Fly
Found in Africa, the tsetse fly is one of the main causes of trypanosomiasis, or African sleeping sickness. This parasitic disease affects roughly 10 million people & is most common in more rural areas. Symptoms include headaches, fever, joint pain, poor coordination, confusion, muscle weakness, paralysis of the limbs, & trouble sleeping. It can eventually prove fatal if treatment is not sought, causing death due to eventual organ failure. While the disease has been present in Africa for thousands of years, the death rate has decreased in recent years due to advances in modern medicine. In 1990, for example, about 34,000 people died from African sleeping sickness, which is close to four times higher than its current death rate of 9,000 people per year.

6: The Emerald Jewel Wasp
Also known as the “emerald cockroach,” the emerald jewel is known for paralyzing cockroaches in order to use them for their larvae. They’re native to South Asia as well as parts of Africa & the Pacific islands, where they paralyze cockroaches with their sting then lead them to their nest trap in a burrow. Here, the emerald jewel proceeds to lay its eggs inside the roach’s abdomen. Over a period of about 10 days, the wasp controls the amount of venom injected into its victim in order to keep it alive, all the while allowing its larvae to feed off the roach’s organs. Controlling the venom is important as too much venom will kill the cockroach while too little will allow it to make a full recovery. Wasps keep the roaches alive in order to feast off their bodies & harvest their own eggs. A cocoon is then formed here, where eventually, a full-grown wasp is born. It is at this point that the cockroach finally dies.

5: The Loa Loa
Commonly referred to as the “eye worm,” the loa loa is one of the main causes of a condition known as loa loa filariasis, which is both a skin & eye disease. The loa loa is transmit to humans through deer flies &

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OMG! Are You Infected With Spirochete Parasites? Please Sit Down While Watching This!

So far to date. Six people and myself I have seen tested, most people tested had never been tested for spirochetes! Half of them in decent health. All tested positive for this bacterium. 100% infection rate. This literally means that healthy people could be infected at low infestation levels or loads. Bordello strain Spirochetes have a life cycle similar to egg layers! A larva stage may exist too.

Treatment must deal with Ammonia toxicity aka Herx reaction.Treatment must be sustained over more than one life cycle and may have to be interrupted of 24 /48 hrs for any toxicity reactions related to parasite die off.

I would not recommend a Western Blot Test. That raises eyebrows. Dark field microscopy is essential if you have chronic illness.

Lyme is susceptible to ultra violet, infra red, gamma radiation especially in pupil and larval stages. Sudden die off will cause sudden symptoms. If you have intense knee pain, please consider that you could be one of the 90 percent with this infection.

Spirochetes will target dead, dying, injured tissues. May be the reason for cystic response including Lipoma and Rheumatoid cysts. May hide in nerve tissue but I doubt it. Epstein Barr hides in nerve tissue.

If you have cardiac damage to progression of disease, or acute infarction, heavy steroid use, congestive failure spirochetes can infect your heart, similar to Sarcoidosis.

Spirochetes can hide but must feed in plasma. But seem to love red cells at the non oxygenated side of hemoglobin or in venous blood cells that are O2 deficient.

Spirochete will leave people susceptible to viral infections and yeast infections, black mold, tuberculosis and other infections.

Epstein Barr and Spirochetes make a dangerous combination and Spirochete load may actually determine the type and nature of your Epstein Barr / Autoimmune disease.

Longer term, untreated will present like Lyme disease but secondary infections can be more acute and require immediate attention while the baseline Parasitic virus or bacterium goes unaddressed.

Support provocative theory and stimulating discussions. Searching for TRUTH involves all of us!

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Parasite Cleanse Frequency Healing – Get Rid Of Nasty Worms, Flukes And Other Parasites

Personal Recordings and Assistance:……
Over the years our body accumulates nasty and often very dangerous parasites from countless sources. It is advisable to cleanse your body of any parasites on a regular basis and keep it free of nasty intruders.

You can use this recording on its own. If you want quicker and more lasting results it is advisable to follow a dietary/supplemental cleansing routine over a certain period of time.

This recording will help your body to get rid of parasites like worms etc. The more often you watch, the better the results will be.

To help your body flush out the remains you should drink plenty of pure water while doing the detox and listening to these recordings.

This is not a substitute medical advice. Please always consult with a qualified healthcare professional. These frequencies have been tested by thousands of people and found beneficial for the purpose above. However, if you experience any discomfort immediately stop listening to the recording and come back at a later time.

Best experienced with headphones. Please do not use these recordings if you are:
Suffering from seizures
Wearing a pacemaker
Operating any machinery or driving

Thank you for watching. 🙂

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Medical Disclaimer: Sound healing is an energy based healing method. This recording is not intended to represent that it is used to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any medical problem, physical or psychological disorder, nor is it intended as a substitute for seeking professional health care advice. For legal purposes it is understood that this video has been posted for the purpose of entertainment only.

I am not a psychologist, physician, or other licensed health care provider. I strongly advise that you seek professional advice as appropriate before making any health decision. All materials are posted in good faith. The accuracy, validity, effectiveness, completeness, or usefulness of any information herein, as with any publication, cannot be guaranteed. accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever for the use or misuse of the material provided here.

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Parasite Cleanse: My journey for 90 days

Parasite Cleanse: After 15 years if doctors not knowing what is wrong with my health and being diagnosed with “chronic fatigue” (this is seriously such a copout for drs to say “I HAVE NO IDEA, GOOD LUCK WITH LIFE”) I found an amazing blood specialist that recognized I have parasites- lots of them, as well as a bacterial infection. She has put me on a 90 day parasite cleanse, not sure what to expect- but I am ready to fight off these life-sucking monsters with everything I’ve got!

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